Altered MFI (Money Flow Index)

XAUUSD_2024-02-15_15-38-35_6b85e Heike Ashi Algo + MFI Combo

Often times it takes the power of two indicators for a scalping strategy to work really well for people. In this article blow I'm giving you an altered copy of the Money Flow Index which you can apply to many of the RSI Indicators released by CoffeeShopCrypto because of their specific way of calculating the RSI. HOW TO SETUP: In this particular str...

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Heiken Ashi Algo v6 Free

Heiken Ashi Algo V6 Free

The return of the Heiken Ashi Algo is finally Here. The Heiken Ashi Algo Oscillator v6, introduces a refined approach to technical analysis applicable across various markets. Central to this algorithm is the integration of the Relative Strength Index #RSI, a staple indicator renowned for its effectiveness in measuring momentum. The Heiken Ashi Algo...

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