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hey, what do you mean by "normal divergence"? Do you mean, for example, the rsi on an indicator like the Heiken Ashi Algo putting in lower highs while price is putting in higher highs?

I prefer a balance between technical indicators and candlestick volume footprints, the "order flow" showing what happened inside a candlestick on any timeframe. Technical indicators more for where to trade, an area or price, and order flow analysis for when to trade and what price to trade. Order flow is, technically, an indicator, too, providing...

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Id love to hear more answers about this one by the way. I just wanted to keep mine short. And please note: My answer is based off my OWN theories of how the market works after divergences. Its not solid in stone. Its my own subjective opinion.

What a Divergence implies to me: To be honest, i never think of a divergence as a pattern for a reversal Lets just call it "Death of a trend" What happens next:" Lets think about what happens here. Price has some good or decent action in a direction. Then you get a divergence.....but hold on. Not every divergence is THE divergence. Youll need to...

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Is a normal divergence a reversal or just a pullback?

Hello everyone, I wanted to start a new discussion about the normal divergences if i may, because i want to know what are the criteria for a normal divergence to be an indication for an upcoming reversal.

Indicator Strategies

Good day bro, please grant me access.

CoffeeShopCrypto Hey bro-mancho. THe system says you already have access. 18 hours 34 minutes ago

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you got it, E. it’s the least I can do with the amount of free education you’ve gifted. I’m a better trader as a result of your indicators and concepts. happy to contribute more in the near future

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ok (AX) ur access is granted. You should be able to add this to your charts now.Also go over to your profile in our community and EDIT some of the fe

Honestly its a VERY detailed setup. Id like to see you place more of these on the site in the coming weeks. Feel free to keep content like this inbound. Thanks

As stated in tye video, the csc-rsi or The Rsi KillZone is not available. It's just an RSI you need.I'm away right now but give me a little time, I'l

Interested to try this indicator along with CsC_RSI as per the rules in the vid. Thanks for continuing to invest in the trading community!

Happy to contribute, CSC. I find it easier to grok concepts when they’re fleshed out with examples, so I went that route. Pleased you dug it enough to share 🙏🏼

It’s funny because while I know a lot of people credit ICT with helping them become profitable, most of his content has not resonated with me. I find him to be obnoxious, intentionally inscrutable, & kooky, but having said that, I don’t need to like someone to learn from them. I don’t know enough to call him fraudulent, but controversy...