The indicators are for community members of this website only.

You have to remain as an active member of this community to avoid "Ghosting" of a project. This ensures that all of you collaboratively use the indicators and help eachother by returning to CoffeeShopCrypto on a regular basis to discuss 

  • How you're using them
  • Trades you took
  • Trades you gained
  • Mistakes you made
  • Ideas of improvement

and if you just want to talk about the usability of the indicator, thats fine too.

Why this rule?:

A project is dead if the developer cant see what your needs are.

A couple things can happen:

  1. If you have a free indicator but delete your account, you lose access to the indicator. It will delete itself from your chart. This avoids a "Dine and Ditch" mentality.
  2. If you have a paid indicator and delete your account: The indicator is still yours until the end of your term usage.
    For example if the indicator is a monthly subscription, you'll have it until the end of the month.
    If the indicator is a custom or single pay, then you wont have access to this site but you'll still have your indicator because outright, it is yours.

Joining the site is only step one but here is a list of things you can do. And these things actuly build POINTS in the points system. With enough points, you earn a higher ranking and get access to more free things. Like free mentorship classes, ability to BETA TEST indicators, and other ideas will come in the future.

Its all about adding purposeful content to the site to help others understand things from a different perspective

Personally there will be a lot going here and you wont want to miss subtle changes. If you want to be better trader and analyst, think of it like going to school. The more often you are there, the more you will learn.

I would say its best to contribute at least every 4-5 days.

I do not have a Discord for public use. I have one for Student use which will be shifted over to a private area of the chatroom.

Which also means that "YES" There is a live chatroom where you guys can discuss with eachother, hang out and ill be in there from time to time.

**Please note that being active in the chatroom bears no weight or positive attribution to staying active on the website. Its not the same things. The Chatroom, is a hangout. That is all.**



  • About the Author: If you have any more questions please use the contact form at the bottom. Id like to help you more.
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