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This is a space for traders to learn. If you are an Indicator Coder, or a Trading Strategy Builder let us know! We have places on the team for you.

Liquidity Trading Strategy: (Types of liquidity and what to do with them)
Trading 101: Sip & Learn

You found liquidity. Now here is what yo do with it. In this chart price action I have marked out where previous types of liquidity existed.At the left you can see there was an uptrend but this uptrend had no factors showing LOW liquidity. Only strong high liquidity. Using the rules below you can mark out liquidity levels and what to expect wh...

Overbought vs Oversold - What do the Stochastic Levels mean?
Trading 101: Sip & Learn

There is a lot of speculative information around the Stochastic RSI and its levels. Many strategies are just outright wildly false for example talking about crossovers of levels but i want to give you guys some insight of what these levels actually mean to help you better use the stochastic RSI.  I wrote up the article and found it to be REALL...

Why Tech Accounting Giants Are Embracing Blockchain
Trading 101: Sip & Learn

 In the realm of enterprise contracts, Ernst & Young (EY) has recently introduced OpsChain Contract Manager (OCM), a tool poised to transform how these intricate agreements are handled. But what does this mean for the everyday business person?OCM is more than just another contract management system; it harnesses blockchain technology to bo...

BETA TEST - The RSI Strength
Free indicators

This is going to be a different way to look at the RSI. This is still in development but i want to see what you guys think of this.Ill be offering this up as a 1 month test run for people to use free. Its not that itll be a paid indicator later on. This is to act as a filter against certain market trends and conditions. Id like to see how you guys ...

AAVE-airdrop AAVE-airdrop
The $AAVE Token 90 Day Air-Drop
Moves in the cryptocurrency space

 Hey, have you heard about this new initiative $AAVE is rolling out? It's pretty fascinating. They're distributing a total of $5 million over the next 90 days, with the possibility of extending it further. What's really intriguing is that they're targeting competitors through these airdrops. It's called Merit, and it's their latest alignment r...

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