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This is a space for traders to learn. If you are an Indicator Coder, or a Trading Strategy Builder let us know! We have places on the team for you.

For someone new to crypto, what advice would you give to help them navigate this complex and dynamic market?
Moves in the cryptocurrency space

Welcome to the coffeeshop everyone, this is your host and Baristo, and you are joining me with this podcast called "Off The Charts" where I try to break down the crypto space to you in this coffeeshop so you can have some guidance in navigating the blockchain and the ever-changing space. When Bitcoin (BTC) first emerged, skepticism abounded. Fast f...

Heiken Ashi Algo V6 Free
Heiken Ashi Algo v6 Free
Trading 101: Sip & Learn

The return of the Heiken Ashi Algo is finally Here. The Heiken Ashi Algo Oscillator v6, introduces a refined approach to technical analysis applicable across various markets. Central to this algorithm is the integration of the Relative Strength Index #RSI, a staple indicator renowned for its effectiveness in measuring momentum. The Heiken Ashi Algo...

Inside the Shiba Inu Craze: Unpacking the Surge in Non-Zero Addresses
Moves in the cryptocurrency space

Since its launch in August 2020, Shiba Inu has been on a wild ride, hitting milestones left and right. The latest buzz? A whopping 1.26 million addresses with a non-zero SHIB balance in just 33 months. Let's break down the caffeinated details. Back in February 2021, only 8,460 addresses held non-zero SHIB balances. Fast forward to November 2023, an...

Altcoins Unleashed: Navigating the Crypto Landscape in 2024
Moves in the cryptocurrency space

 Grab your favorite brew and settle in as we dive into the wild world of cryptocurrency. Today, we're chatting about the brave HODLERS weathering the storm and the crypto universe's rollercoaster ride, all set against the backdrop of your favorite coffee shop vibes. Welcome to "Off The Charts." Ever wondered about the wizards who #HODL through...

Trended and Blended by CoffeeShopCrypto
Trended and Blended by CoffeeShopCrypto
Released Indicators

What up guys and welcome to the CoffeeShop. This is your host and "baristo", Eric.This is a simple little set of 3 moving averages. Smoothed moving averages that you can use in the 10 /28 strategy, or any other strategy you choose.Among themselves there is nothing special about these moving averages, but because of their settings they will help you...

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