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This is a space for traders to learn. If you are an Indicator Coder, or a Trading Strategy Builder let us know! We have places on the team for you.

positions-sizing-and-leverage Trading Shots: Sizing Up Returns
Optimizing Returns: Position Sizing, Leverage Trading, and Spot Trading
Trading 101: Sip & Learn

Whomever told you "Size doesn't matter" in trading, has never had a big "size" and probably just borrowed someone elses. In the dynamic landscape of trading, where fortunes can be made and lost in the blink of an eye, various strategies vie for attention. Position sizing, leverage trading, and spot trading each offer distinct approaches to navigati...

XAUUSD_2024-02-15_15-38-35_6b85e Heike Ashi Algo + MFI Combo
Altered MFI (Money Flow Index)
Released Indicators

Often times it takes the power of two indicators for a scalping strategy to work really well for people. In this article blow I'm giving you an altered copy of the Money Flow Index which you can apply to many of the RSI Indicators released by CoffeeShopCrypto because of their specific way of calculating the RSI. HOW TO SETUP: In this particular str...

Stocashi + CaffeineCrush Momentum Indicator by CoffeeShopCrypto
Released Indicators

 This is just a fun script to give a different representation to the ever popular Stochastic RSIEven for me over the years the stochastic has been a difficult one to use in trading merely because of its choppy look.Since Heikin-Ashi Candles do such a powerful job in smoothing out the look of choppy markets,I decided to test it out on the look ...

For someone new to crypto, what advice would you give to help them navigate this complex and dynamic market?
Moves in the cryptocurrency space

Welcome to the coffeeshop everyone, this is your host and Baristo, and you are joining me with this podcast called "Off The Charts" where I try to break down the crypto space to you in this coffeeshop so you can have some guidance in navigating the blockchain and the ever-changing space. When Bitcoin (BTC) first emerged, skepticism abounded. Fast f...

Heiken Ashi Algo V6 Free
Heiken Ashi Algo v6 Free
Trading 101: Sip & Learn

The return of the Heiken Ashi Algo is finally Here. The Heiken Ashi Algo Oscillator v6, introduces a refined approach to technical analysis applicable across various markets. Central to this algorithm is the integration of the Relative Strength Index #RSI, a staple indicator renowned for its effectiveness in measuring momentum. The Heiken Ashi Algo...

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