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This is a space for traders to learn. If you are an Indicator Coder, or a Trading Strategy Builder let us know! We have places on the team for you.

Altcoins Unleashed: Navigating the Crypto Landscape in 2024
Moves in the cryptocurrency space

 Grab your favorite brew and settle in as we dive into the wild world of cryptocurrency. Today, we're chatting about the brave HODLERS weathering the storm and the crypto universe's rollercoaster ride, all set against the backdrop of your favorite coffee shop vibes. Welcome to "Off The Charts." Ever wondered about the wizards who #HODL through...

BTCUSDT.P_2023-12-09_16-03-29_07c4f 3pl MA Alpha
CoffeeShopCrypto 3pl MA
Released Indicators

What up guys and welcome to the CoffeeShop. This is your host and "baristo", Eric.The CoffeeShopCrypto 3pl MA indicator is a technical analysis tool that uses three different moving averages to identify trends in the price of an asset. The three moving averages have lengths of 12, 26, and 50. If these numbers sound familiar its because they are bas...

XAUUSD_2024-02-15_15-38-35_6b85e Heike Ashi Algo + MFI Combo
Altered MFI (Money Flow Index)
Released Indicators

Often times it takes the power of two indicators for a scalping strategy to work really well for people. In this article blow I'm giving you an altered copy of the Money Flow Index which you can apply to many of the RSI Indicators released by CoffeeShopCrypto because of their specific way of calculating the RSI. HOW TO SETUP: In this particular str...

Trended and Blended Moving Averages Trended and Blended Moving Averages
Trended and Blended by CoffeeShopCrypto (Updated)
Released Indicators

What up guys and welcome to the CoffeeShop. This is your host and "baristo", Eric.This is a simple little set of 3 moving averages. Smoothed moving averages that you can use in the 10 /28 strategy, or any other strategy you choose.Among themselves there is nothing special about these moving averages, but because of their settings they will help you...

CoffeeShopCrypto CoffeeBreak
Released Indicators

For me the RSI who's been a very powerful tool but one of the things that's been missing from it time and time again is the ability to show true dynamic support and resistance that is generated by the movements of the RSI.This version of the Relative Strength Index is designed to visualize and mark Support and Resistance conditions on the Relative ...

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