hey, what do you mean by "normal divergence"? Do you mean, for example, the rsi on an indicator like the Heiken Ashi Algo putting in lower highs while price is putting in higher highs?

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Id love to hear more answers about this one by the way. I just wanted to keep mine short. And please note: My answer is based off my OWN theories of how the market works after divergences. Its not solid in stone. Its my own subjective opinion.

What a Divergence implies to me: To be honest, i never think of a divergence as a pattern for a reversal Lets just call it "Death of a trend" What happens next:" Lets think about what happens here. Price has some good or decent action in a direction. Then you get a divergence.....but hold on. Not every divergence is THE divergence. Youll need to...

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Is a normal divergence a reversal or just a pullback?

Hello everyone, I wanted to start a new discussion about the normal divergences if i may, because i want to know what are the criteria for a normal divergence to be an indication for an upcoming reversal.

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you got it, E. it’s the least I can do with the amount of free education you’ve gifted. I’m a better trader as a result of your indicators and concepts. happy to contribute more in the near future

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Honestly its a VERY detailed setup. Id like to see you place more of these on the site in the coming weeks. Feel free to keep content like this inbound. Thanks

Happy to contribute, CSC. I find it easier to grok concepts when they’re fleshed out with examples, so I went that route. Pleased you dug it enough to share 🙏🏼

Ive shared this to a few social accounts as well

High quality right here. Thanks for putting this up in discussion man.

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Heiken-Ashi Algo // CSC Fib Strat

Hey Coffeeheadz, This is a walkthrough of a strategy I've employed using CSC's indicator the Heiken Ashi Algo (HAA) & CSC's settings for the TradingView fibonacci tool along with the methods and concepts that have been shared via CSC's YouTube vids. I've backtested and forward-tested it quite a bit, and while I feel there's always refinements to...

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I change the RSI source to ohlc4 and now I have improvement but...

something is not working as it must be

I put the sl to candle close - RSI value shows -> 2.99, target is hit on 2.9, if i go higher to 2.99 i am loosing the trade

its definatly because of binance. you cant use wicks in binance. Their system is awful. You have to use candle closes all the time.

Hey Erik, I found the exact same moment you gave as example in the video 10/28 and my results are completely different. RSI value is 9.98. I guess it doesn't mattet that I am trading on binance. Can you tell me where is the problem? Even I tried with 2.92 and again it doesn't hit the target in your video. I wonder what is going on?


same formula rules but you need to use the swinglow and entry from the original part of the move. At which point you only adjust the TP to its new location. This would be called TP Trailing