BETA TEST - The RSI Strength


This is going to be a different way to look at the RSI. This is still in development but i want to see what you guys think of this.Ill be offering this up as a 1 month test run for people to use free. Its not that itll be a paid indicator later on. This is to act as a filter against certain market trends and conditions. Id like to see how you guys ...

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Heiken Ashi Algo v6 Free

Heiken Ashi Algo V6 Free

The return of the Heiken Ashi Algo is finally Here. The Heiken Ashi Algo Oscillator v6, introduces a refined approach to technical analysis applicable across various markets. Central to this algorithm is the integration of the Relative Strength Index #RSI, a staple indicator renowned for its effectiveness in measuring momentum. The Heiken Ashi Algo...

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