Stocashi + CaffeineCrush Momentum Indicator by CoffeeShopCrypto


 This is just a fun script to give a different representation to the ever popular Stochastic RSIEven for me over the years the stochastic has been a difficult one to use in trading merely because of its choppy look.Since Heikin-Ashi Candles do such a powerful job in smoothing out the look of choppy markets,I decided to test it out on the look ...

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CoffeeShopCrypto CoffeeBreak


For me the RSI who's been a very powerful tool but one of the things that's been missing from it time and time again is the ability to show true dynamic support and resistance that is generated by the movements of the RSI.This version of the Relative Strength Index is designed to visualize and mark Support and Resistance conditions on the Relative ...

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CoffeeShopCrypto 3pl MA

BTCUSDT.P_2023-12-09_16-03-29_07c4f 3pl MA Alpha

What up guys and welcome to the CoffeeShop. This is your host and "baristo", Eric.The CoffeeShopCrypto 3pl MA indicator is a technical analysis tool that uses three different moving averages to identify trends in the price of an asset. The three moving averages have lengths of 12, 26, and 50. If these numbers sound familiar its because they are bas...

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