CoffeeShop Crypto 10 / 28 SMAs


A lot of times you guys have heard me talk about the 10 / 28 strategy. It is a strategy that I use on high time frames mid time frames and low time frames and works wonderfully for finding liquidity rejections and continuations of trends.This is a really simple moving average indicator that will plot out the 1028 strategy for you and I want you to ...

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CoffeeShopCrypto HARSI 2022

XAUUSD_2023-11-22_20-30-14_8105f HARSI 2022

What if you didn't need to wait for the RSI to go above 50 to go bullish for the RSI to go below 50 to go bearish?What if you can see when a move in the market is just a liquidity trap?What if you can use a vwap on something longer than a daily chart?What if you wanted to have both Heiken Ashi candles and Japanese candles on your same chart without...

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